Born in Amsterdam. Schooled in Germany. Works as a local DP out of Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

With more than 10 years of industry experience and being a recipient of a GOLD, 2 x SILVER & 2 BRONZE ACS Awards, he knows where to point a light but is also not afraid to turn one off and play in the shadows.

Having been brought up in a multilingual household, his ability to communicate with Directors & Creatives in Spanish, German, Dutch & English has made him a sought after travelling geek.

His eye for composition has earned him directing credits on Grand Designs Australia Season 3, 4 & 5 but head of camera-department is what he calls Home-Sweet-Home.

His skill as a DP ranges from polished TVC’s to rough-as-rambo-terrain documentary work.

Each new project comes with a new challenge and definitely a good PPM over a hot bowl of chilli dumplings.

Few things to note – he loves his checkered shirts, wears cargo-shorts all year round and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried chips & mayonnaise!

Not aioli.


Member of the australian cinematographer society